Friday, March 09, 2007

Pastors Are Thankful For Your Prayers!

This past week I had the wonderful privilige of going to King of Kings Lutheran Church in Omaha, Nebraska. It has to be one of my very favorite churches. They have a powerful prayer ministry that I admire so much. While I was there with my collegues from the Pastoral Leadership Institute, their prayer warriors did much to minister to us. Each of us was treated to a significant amount of personal prayer. Much grace was flowing from God's throne. We were made acutely aware of the warfare around us as pastors. I sensed a tremendous love from God through these brothers and sisters in the Lord. The healing was fantastic! At one point, during the Sunday service we were called to the front and surrounded by prayer team they were directed by their pastor to remember the unique challenges and struggles that pastors face. Then they started praying... All at once, out loud, and with great passion. These people knew how to lift up their pastors. The petitions were "real" and dealt with life and ministry in an honest way. Thanks to all those wonderful prayer partners for such a blessing. I know that there are others who remember me in daily prayer. You have no idea what a lifeline you are. I thank God for each of you and pray that His blessings fall abundantly in your life and ministry too!