Thursday, August 28, 2008

Understanding the Revelation

In light of my most recent sermon on the end times, I wanted to recomend a wonderful book on the interpretation of Revelation. As I mentioned in my sermon, interpreting the Revelation in a linear fashion is what has created the massive ammount of confusion concerning the end. We can easily understand the Revelation as it was intended to be interpreted. John simply tells the story of the end seven times. John was privileged to see the end with images and numbers and events that could make a person's head swim with confusion. But it clears up and remains consistent with the rest of the scriptures when it is studied with the proper interpretive methods.
Maybe you've asked the question, "Will I ever understand Revelation?" Here is a Bible study which covers all of this amazing book. Written by Rev. James Knotek. It is in laymen's language and yet is an excellent tool for ministers. Discussion questions at the end of each chapter. Excellent for Bible classes or individual study. Reflects a sound, Biblical method of interpretation, allowing Scripture to interpret Scripture. (167 pages) Available at the following Web address...