Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What To Do With A New Life: Practical Christianity

A New Post-Easter Sermon Series!

New life! When the grace of God comes to us we are offered a totally new life, one that the Bible describes as life "in Him." The constant presence of God is the most practical part of your life and ministry. Unfortunately, we often assign God to a limited place in our lives. Then we call on Him whenever we need help. That is the exact opposite of what we find in the Word of God. He is the One who is working in our world. He invites you to relate to Him, so He can accomplish His work through you. His whole plan for the advance of His kingdom depends on His working in real and practical ways through His relationship to His people.

Knowing and experiencing God through a real and personal relationship was practical in the Scriptures. In this new sermon series, I want to cover a lot of ground. I believe you will find the new life to be a walk with God that is exceedingly "practical." God can make a practical difference in your relationships in your family, in your church, and with many others in the world.

Wipe Out!

Talk about wipe outs, I had a bad one on Wednesday, March 21, 2007. I was enjoying my "secon-to-last" run of the day. Hoping to get to the chair lift before they closed it and wanting to sail righ up to the line without have to push myself with the poles, I tucked like a professional and tried to grab all the speed I could muster. I was going way too fast. When my left ski hit a patch of ice, my wonderful "tucked position turned into a flurry of flying ski equipment and very suprised skier taking to the air and comming down in a crumble. My right ski did not come off and so my right achilles tendon was torn. I had surgery a week later to repair it and I'm now doing a lot of sitting. I'm not used to sitting so long and in one place. I asked several friends and family to pray for me. I was worried about the post-operative pain (It was worse than my kidney stone incident) but I'm over it now and looking forward to getting my surgical dressing removed on Tuesday, April 10th. The doctor tells me that I'll be in an "achilles boot" which is like a legbrace where my foot will rest on wedges to prop up my heel. Gradually we will reduce the number of wedges so that my tendon will be stretched to its normal condition. He says the process will take about 8 weeks. Would you join me in praying for patience and quick healing. My hope is to be completely restored before my scheduled departure for the Philippines mission trip in June. I want to thank all the prayer warriors who have joined me thus far in this journey. God is answering those prayers and I feel great.